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Not all fact not all women like pokemon lol

Well, I personally love him because it is pink and reminds me of a cat. It also has large eyes and sounds very cute. It is just appealing I would say. Its body, its colors, its sounds and style. It is just cute through and through.

I cannot say all people love him, but these are the main reasons I do.
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I can understand why young children would love this character, especially really young girls. If you have ever asked a young girl what is her favorite color, you'll more than likely get back the answer pink. 

Pink seems to be the top color all young girls love and this character being pink would automatically attract a small child to love it. I do have to say I'm not much of a Pokemon fan and I've never really watched the show on TV. I've been introduced to the show by my young nieces and nephews, but consider my children are grown and gone I have no need to sit and watch the show here. 

A little girly girl will always choose this character over all the rest because it was created to appeal to young girls. 
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The pink color is the determining factor in making women prefer the character. I have tried asking why women are all addicted to the color pink but till data, I'm yet to get any distinctive explanation to why such habit or behavior exists in all woman. Seriously, I don't think that I have seen any girl who doesn't love pink color, they all seem to love all their dresses to be pink in color, toys pink in color, shoes pink in color etc.
Some adult females are still having such preference with color when it comes to choosing what they want. I can remember vividly during my university days in the university, most of the girls I visited in their hostel all had their rooms painted in pink color. There was this particular girl that makes it a duty to repaint her room every 5 months. So, it's probably their likeness for pink color that makes them love Mewtwo.

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