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In nature and in life there is a life expectancy. A flower can grow for so long until it dies, Some plants will only grow food once before they die. Not all plants can sustain life and continue to grow food season after season. This is the same with humans. Your body was made to last for a certain amount of time. As the years pass your body takes on a great deal of strain. For a while, it can handle this because you are younger and stronger. But as you age your body's muscles and organs start to deteriorate and get weak. When this happens the body starts to fail in health. There is nothing that people can do to bring back youth and make a person live forever. 

Anyhow the plant that we live on wasn't made to accommodate so many people. Right now it is hard for some countries to even grow enough food to feed the current population. If you added this population and all the generates that have already passed on, the earth as we know it couldn't feed everyone and there would be too many people staving. 

It is hard to let go and say goodbye, but we all have to do it. This is how the world was built, from plant life, animal life to human life. There are a cycle and a time for living and one for dying to make room for the next generation to take our place. 
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The whole theory of dying began in Genesis during the existence of Adam and Eve.Death came as a result of sin committed by Eve when she ate the forbidden fruit that they were warned against.

Death we can generally say that its a punish from God and we cannot except.Leaving alone the biblical concept of death, here is earthly concept.

People are exposed to a lot of threats that lead to death.Example, there's high crime death caused by people themselves killing each other for reasons such as wealth and power.Other causes of death include sickness, old age (the cells become weak and finally lead to death) among other reasons.
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Death was brought upon in earth by the first creation of man. This was as a result of disobedience of man to God. They were instructed not to eat the fruit from the middle of the garden of Eden but the serpent tricked the Eve to eat it that she will receive a lot of knowledge. Eve gave Adam to eat too and this angered God hence God brought death to man.
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No bla... Bla... If you know anything describe it briefly..
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You don't choose to die. Dying is a natural process that must come to pass. Personally, I see people living but are already dead inside. That is, everything that makes them happy and lively is gone from their lives so they become like a soulless vessel. 

Real physical death cannot be escaped. Our bodies are biological entities that carry out life processes. As time passes, muscles become weaker and fail. We aren't made of metal or plastic. So even if there's no mechanical cause of death, we'll still wither away. 
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Everyone dies, it's a natural progression, we are born, we live, we die. I think life is a gift and we should make the most of it but we cannot live forever and would we even want to? Imagine how huge the population would become if no one died.

However I was reading an article the other day which mentioned a type of jellyfish that never dies of old age. It is a Turritopsis jellyfish and although it is still susceptible to injury and disease it never dies from age.
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As I have said often times that death is not the end to human life. There is life after death. People are afraid of death because they are not aware of the concept of life after death. Apart from the spiritual elucidation of death, the biological explanation also did somewhat justice to it.
Can we remember MR NIGER D? I know we do. Dealth is the last of all the characteristics of living things. Meaning that after going through all the other stages of life, we will round it all up with death. As I usually tell my students, that the day you were born is also the same day your death was prophesied because anything that has beginning must surely have an end.

The spiritual aspect of physical dealth gave us the full insight of how death is not the end but a transition to the spirit realm where we are either going to be living for eternity or faced eternal damnation. May God us the grace to make it to heaven where eternal life is upheld.
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