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We have various categories here on answeree? What is your favourite category and why?.which category are you more interested in ?.
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I like the science & technology, and the math & IQ categories but they seem to have limited questions. I am also interested in the social & philosophy categories because answering questions under these realm makes me reflect more about my personality and my views in life in general.
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I'm not sure but I know I enjoy science and technology, food and drinks, health topics and also sociology and philosophy. I love the topics that I can relate to. 
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I quite like the Love and Relationship Category as I think I can often base my answers on my own experiences. I love the pet section as I am a big animal lover but there aren't so many questions there.
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miscellaneous carries like everything there. but Love and Relationships, fitness and health, Religion and politics though i would rather stick to the religion part. i choose this categories because i can identify with most of the questions, and out of some experiences someone can actually learn one or two things about something and that's the whole essence.

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First I love the business and affiliate section because i able to get new earning opportunities and learn of other earning ways. Besides, I am able to contribute much in this section since am familiar with much of the questions.

Also,I love the love and relationship section since most of the questions asked have been through them once in a while in my life.And some questions you just apply your knowledge.

Finally, the health and fitness section. Although I rarely answer those questions but I love going through them plus the answers getting to learn more about science since my health is also involved.
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I like the love and relationship.. health and fitness section too
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I basically enjoy all the categories here on the site except to talk about religion and politics. I really don't like getting into these two subjects because of the conflict and how much it can anger a person if you state or say what you believe in. I also feel that these are personal areas in life that don't need to be talked about on an open website. I don't even talk about these subject with my family or my friends. I have my ways of looking at this and I don't care to discuss it with anyone else. Other than this the rest of the site is fun and very interesting. However, I do find a few questions recently a little strange. But that one is fine too because everyone wants to understand something and if you can't ask how can you figure it all out. 
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I avoid politics and religious topics too.
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Here in this great, good and interesting site 'answeree', all categories are good and appealing to me. What to tell and what to leave? I like all the categories and would like to share the information and knowledge I have on various topics also known as 'categories'. 

Still I would like to say that the categories 'health' and 'technology' appeals to me most in whichever site I visit.
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I love the miscellaneous category for now because it seem some interesting random questions are asked there and I'm enjoying answering them for now.

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