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Soul is eternal. The body perishes but the soul lives forever.

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In truth or in reality nobody can tell you this for sure. There hasn't been anyone who has actually died for a few years and come back to life. There are some people that had their heart stop for a short period of time and when they came back they claimed they saw a big bright light. It is hard to prove one way or the other if this has happened or not. All we can say for certain is when we die our spirit and sole will go somewhere. 

I guess this basically depends on what you believe. There are many different religions around the world and each one has an idea of what will happen to us when we die. But until this happens nobody knows for certain what is on the other side. 
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No one knows but as Christians we do say.The body is eaten by ants and the soul rests in pagatory(for those that were righteous Christians) as they await for the world to end and the Son of God to come back again.

Still we're not sure whether its that way or not but as Christians,we have faith and we believe in every biblical teaching.
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After death our soul and spirit await for judgement day. For the soul and spirit it will be very fast like no time but for us who will be alive we will see that time has passed away. And what is suprising is that the soul does not die only the body does. That is why the eternity of burning in hell and living deathless life in heaven.
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I have an open mind about what happens when we die. I like to think that my soul will go to a better place where I can see all my loved ones again who have passed on but in reality I don't know if that will happen.

Some people believe without question that the soul lives on, others think that when we die it is the end, our body turns to dust and there is nothing else. There is also the theory that we can be reincarnated, that we will be born into a new body and travel a new path in life. Would I want to do it all again? I'm not really sure.
asked Jul 23, 2018 in Religion+Spirituality by 2 10 37 Do you believe in reincarnation?
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I do believe that when we die, we died already. We are not in some place but we are sleeping in the grave or whatever place where we laid from rest. I do believe that we will not be traveling to different place, not meeting the people who passed away, not in another world, not in our next life in the purgatory. We are all sleeping and we will be wake up again, all the dead and the living people, once our God gave us our soul back and we will all be judge at the time the God comes to us, and he will take those who had followed him ever since and those who don't their souls will all be burn to hell. That is why why we are still alive, God is giving us a chance to change our ways and follow his so that we can be with him in heaven, where he will make happen what he had promise to us, everlasting life.
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This is a really interesting question. I have been discussing these with friends for a long time and since then we never really reached an agreement. Perhaps, as most people say, we never really know.

Personally, I want to believe that the soul never leaves the earth. They continue living with us although they, of course, are not capable of interacting with live humans. Hence, yes, I do believe in ghosts. However, the thing is, I think that those people who died tragically, or those who still seek justice, have more energy within themselves that they are able to make themselves be noticed compared to those who died peacefully and just watching their loved ones live.

It is really fascinating to talk about the after life! Let me know your thoughts about it.
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Our soul will heave a sigh of relief after death.It is the time all these years it has been waiting for. To find its way back to where it came from. It will feel free again because finally, it will be time for it to return to its permanent home. The human soul has been devilled by the dross and worries of fleshly desires. It has felt entrapped over the years ever since we humans become conscious of things that does not serve its yearnings.

After death the human soil will be severed from the body. It will find its way home where it will be made to face judgment based on the activities of the body it inhabited during the course of its journey here on earth. It worthiness of where it will abode will be determined by its purity. If it's pure, it will live at the luminious region of God's kingdom, but if it's not, it will be sent to the dark region of hell.
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I will be writing from biblical standpoint as a Christian. The Bible says the dead knows nothing after death so the body remain on earth while the soul or sprint stands before the judgment throne to be judged and if one is righteous enough he or she ascend in to heaven but if a sinner will be thrown to hell fire.

So the summary is that when we die our soul either get to hell or to heaven depending on our works on earth. I don't know how true it is because it isn't biblical, when I was still a Catholic we were told some people get into purgatory to get repentance so that they can be forgiven and get into heaven.

But I just believe the biblical words of us either getting into heaven or hell. I don't want to believe others version since it more like man made.
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No one really knows for sure what happens after we die because no body has died and come back to tell the story. However, there are ideas and beliefs that people have that there's life after death. Hence we do not lose consciousness when we die. We only move from one realm of consciousness to another.
Our body is only a vessel for our souls. When we die, our bodies perish and our souls move on to where souls without bodies can be found. We no longer have any contact with the living unless through channnels and mediums created by people in the art. I believe after death comes judgment. There's no way all the evil on earth can go unpunished. If so, being so good and others so bad becomes all for what? After judgement will come eternal life.
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The should like you mentioned is forever and it is the actual living part of human being while the body is just like a house where the soul dwel or exist.
Even at the point of death, our faiths both Islamic, christianic and traditional makes us to believe that once the soul travel out of the body everything is finished for the body and the best is to prepare the body such that it won't rot to disturb or pollute the environment.

So the soul is made to travel a long journey back to the creator and stay either in harmony or punishment ttill the judgment day depending on the kind of life it lives.

In Islamic faith, once a person is burried, the angels of God will first appear to the person and ask him or her few questions which when answered correctly such a person's grave will be enlarged and enriched with abundance and if otherwise, agony will be sent down to such a person such that it will be suffer ness upon sufferness till the day of judgement.

So every living is encouraged to live a peaceful and good
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