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Hey, Yes adding copyright Logo will protect your photos from being copied.

If you are using an android device, I have a suggestion you to use this app named "Logext: Add Logo watermark and Text sign to photos" from Google Play Store.

The application put copyright logo on picture to safeguard your photo. you can also add copyright trademark logo to the photos with this application. It also allows you to watermark your photos.

It is the best app I have used.

Hope, this helps you out! :)

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Today many people will add a copyright logo to the photos they sell online or use in their blog or website. The Watermark is used to protect your images. However, this isn't always the way it works. People have found ways to delete these logos or Watermarks and still use your photo. Basically, all you can do is this:

  1. You'll need to check periodically online to make sure your photos aren't appearing on other sites online. 
  2. You can use Google and Google Alerts to search for stolen photos online. The simplest way is to set up some Google Alerts and when anyone mentions you online, you are alerted by Google. You can also Google yourself. This is a great way to find the images that people have used and given you credit for the image, but don't have your permission to use them. 
  3. Do a reverse image check for your images. Search by the image URL or upload your images to Google and search by each image.
  4. Invisible Watermarks are the best way to keep your images safe. Digimarc can use the invisible Watermarks to find your photos. 
It is a good idea to always protect your property online and use a service that can help you find the person who has borrowed this without your permission. 
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I think adding a copyright tag can get you on the safer side while sharing your photos online. But that depends on your what kind of copyright logo it is. 

Generally, I mark each of my photos with an Android app called Auto Add Logo Copyright with Text on Camera Photos as I find it handy and easy to use.

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