We cannot deny that life is not complete without true friends. If we have some difficulties in life, we commonly run to them. Of course, it is a feeling of comfort to be with them. Have you ever think about what can our friends do and say when we are in trouble?


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 I go to a friend when I feel the need to talk and vocalize my thoughts about an unsolved problem. Usually, a friend who listens and ask questions to help me answer them myself that guide me the right way to go and what to do. I avoid people who I know will lecture me, they usually tell me how and what to feel and think.
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That's not a good friend who forces his or her personal thoughts to us. It cannot give us the freedom to choose in life. If they do this, then it is like being manipulated by him or her.
There are well-meaning friends and family members like these. They reek Facebook-- moralists such as they are. But I still love them in their own special ways, I just don't open up to them.
At some point, my life is not an open book. Usually, I am more open to my immediate family than my friends.
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Their mere presence is enough for me. They don't have to necessarily do or say anything. Just being there to listen is enough.
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I agree that they need to be good listeners. What if they do not listen to us? I am sure that it will be frustrating.
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In my case, I don't normally ask my friends' opinions unless I needed them badly.  I don't expect too much from my friends, but I greatly appreciate them for being there for me, or even if physically apart, they make me feel wanted and loved.

We can't expect our friends to be there for us all the time, especially for those in a relationship or family that also need their attention and love. No amount of words can bring comfort or help from a friend except its unconditional love and a shoulder to cry on.
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Personally, I do not ask my friends' advice especially if the problem is not related to them. I prefer talking about it to my biological parents.
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There's a number of people who share his problem with his friends and make help by him. But in matter of me I'm not doing that type. If you ask why then I have know answer if  I have answer then that is that I don't want to share my problem with anyone , I try to solve my problems with my self
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I am like you. If I can solve the problem by myself, then I will do it. There are times that I need someone to talk with. That's the time I need help.
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Do better for me and help me solve all my problem and support me a friend serve as an assistant to person your friend will be there with your problem and will be there with your good time
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Through thick and thin, they need to be there with us. It sounds a perfect way to have real friends in life. Nowadays, it is difficult to find these people. But we need to be patient in finding them.
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When I have a problem my bestie always stay with me. She listening me, calm me down and try to give suggestion about my problem. But I always want my bestie to hug me, she doesn't need to say or do anything. Because when she hug me, make me more calm and confidence to always fight with my problem.
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That's an ideal friend. I am sure that people will be feeling jealous of you. Some people cannot find this kind of best friend forever.
If i have a difficult problem then i will go to meet him ask how to solve
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Well in my life, I only have 1 best friends. He kind seriuous person and I trust him as well. So when problems come to me usually he will become my listener. I dont need my friend to do anything, I just need him to listen my problems and that's all.
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I am glad that you have your best friend. My best friend in life is in heaven now. He died when we were 12 years old. I felt bad for losing him, but I know that he is in goods now.
If i have a difficult problem then i will go to meet him and ask him how to get rid of this problem
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It's a great thing to have a friend around when life doesn't go the way we thought it would. I would really prefer a friend when I feel low,  Im not gonna ask them to say anything because they are not in my shoes and at the end of the day,Im the one to decide. But I would love them to listen to me when I tell them my problems. It would be nice if they wont judge me. I would like them to be just there . Cause I would rather have a listener that really cares than someone who is just obliged to give advices
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There are some personal issues that it needs to be kept. Sometimes they cannot comprehend what is really going on in our lives. However, we can share the pieces of these problems with them.
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I expect my friend to help , with words of encouragement. Friends should show support in times of trials. Friends should give honest advice and be supportive with his or her actions.
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I agree. It is ideal to have friends who can be what you had mentioned. Unfortunately, they cannot be truly like this especially these days.
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The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through hard times and laugh with you after hard times pass. Hard times will always reveal true friends. Your friends will do whatever they want and will help you as long as they can.
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These are true friends. I hope I can find them at present. I had true friends before, but they had changed through years of existence.
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If i have a difficult problem then i will go to meet him and ask him how to get rid of this problem and i calmly listened to him
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As far as possible, I do not share my problems with anyone, I try to solve it myself, when in the end I cannot solve it, share it with my friend. Then according to what she tells, I plan and work..
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It depends but a true friend will go in and out of his/her way to help you. It doesn't matter what situation you are passing through but they will stand by you. They won't even tell other people your secrets or problems that you are having. And that's a good friend. 
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