I can so many people who love me with all his or her mind 
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 I can't trust a human I trust only God because God can not stay away from you when you are  have  problems in fact when you pray  to God he can help you to overcome all your problems. God is always faithful to me and he is always there for me when I need him the most.
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yes that true people can be trust some people that show love to you can hate you so people can be trust
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we usually trust those who are closest to us and who knows us the best. in good tiems and bad times. those could be our parents, aditional famil members or some childhood friends. and, our partners as well.
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In my life I trust my family. Because there are always support me no matter how and what. Every single advice from them, coming from their hearth. If I do something wrong they said it wrong, and give me the right one.
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I trust my mother so much. If I have any kind of problems the first person that I meet is my mother.She is very wiseful person for me, every single of her advices make my life better.
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