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 Advantages with this system are time saving, no confusions on food ordering service, some restaurants offers user choice with the ingredients, and the best thing is you don't need to walk off if one restaurant is closed as you can find a list of restaurants available in that area. People as always loves offers and promotions when it comes to online food ordering it will be very much fun and money saving for them. Even the payment are also done through payment gateway there will be no hassles. All you gotta to do is just enjoy the food your ordered.  
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It makes money when they get patronizers or people who buy their food regularly. I do buy food sometimes instead of cooking and it is a convenience .

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This is a great service and the food is delivered to your home. However, you are paying a higher rate for the food you order. Furthermore, the site automatically adds on the tip and the delivery charges to your bill. If you live close to the establishment, your delivery charges are not as high as if you live 5 to 10 miles away. The company uses the money you've paid to pay their drivers and to split the tips they've charged. The company is making a commission from the establishments they offer food from, the delivery charges and the tips. This will keep the site open and make it run where all parties are making money. 
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For every order placed through the website, the restaurant gives a pre-decided commission. Restaurants can also get featured on the website homepage for publicity. Restaurants usually pays these delivery services organizations, as well as these two sides, always keep connected so as to fulfill customer's requirements. 
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I love ordering foods online, especially you don't need to talk to anyone just to place the order! But the thing that I've noticed into it, there are times that they deliver the food late (some people ask for compensation) but I didn't, anyway, usually I do a comparison about the pricing of the website and to the store, and I found out that the pricing on the website is more higher than store price

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