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I don't think that is true. The use of lukewarm water for bathing is highly recommended for those that their health status don't allow them to make use of cold water, and not to the point of killing their vital body cells. But if it were hot water that's above that of warm water, I would say yes that it could cause damage to body's skin cells.
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First time to hear about it. Maybe too cold water can damage body cells too. I think warm water is good for our nerves and too cold water is bad for our nerves not cells
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Yes, It is recommended to have a short shower if you are using warm water. You can choose cold water to finished your shower.
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I have heard about that before, but i haven't really researched on it to know whether it is true or not. For me i bath hot water leave alone warm, and i don't think my cells have been destroyed. I know it dehydrates the skin, for tge cells am not sure. Am yet to hear about it.

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I don't think warm water can kill body cells than to hemolysis it. only hot water destroys the cell's structure which makes it not to function. Therefore there is no harm in using warm water. Warm water is also helpful when the environment is very cold when used to bathe. The answer for it is that there is no harm in using the warm water.
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 I don't think warm water affects the cells in our body that much. I don't think it will kill the cells,taking shower is very relaxing activity where we feel like the cells rejuvenate and become active

The water we you should be very mild I like neither too hot or not cold . Then it is good for our body. Body cant  accept too heat or too cold water. There are some studies liker taking shower with cold water can reduce body weight which makes the blood flow active.

But I don't think it will kill the cells in the body.

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