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You can always do a domain name search. There are many sites online that you can search for domain names and if they are available or not.  You can always do searches on the HTTP and the name to find out if the name you want is taken or not. Here are a few ways to check:

  1. Google Domain - searches domain names for many of the Google sites and others.
  2. Whois Lookup is another great way to check domain names.
  3. Use Domain Name Search to find available domain names.
  4. will also give you domain names and if they are available or not.
  5. You can even use GoDaddy advanced search to find if the domain name is available or not.
asked Jul 17, 2018 in Blog+Seo+Internet by (187 points) 2 7 26 What should I do if a domain name isn't available for my blog niche?
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It is very simple. If you intend to start a blog of your own on a blogging platform like, you can just type the name you want to use for your blog. In case the name you have asked for has already been taken by someone else then it will show as 'not available' in which case you have to try and get another available name. Same is the procedure for own domain names.
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I think it is better to use a blog name generator to find out if the blog name you want to use is taken. First, you have to insert the name that you want to use for your blog which will search if it is already in use by another user. You should have unique names for your blog to avoid confusion.

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