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People have their hearts set on a domain name. They have had this idea for years but they've never had time to build the blog. Now it is time to build their bog and the name is taken. You now have to:

  1. Check the names on the list that are available. If the .com name is taken and the .net name is open, you can use this instead. 
  2. You can find other ideas from the list of available names. You might need to change your name a bit in order to be unique.
  3. There are plenty of times a person will only think to purchase the .com name. This leaves a lot of other possibilities opened to you. You can choose another extension for your name.
  4. When thinking of a name for your blog you should write a list of 10 names that you like or would describe your blog. Not all the names are taken and you could actually find a great name like this.
  5. Change your name slightly and add an R US or R YOU on the end of your name. This works in a lot of cases and you still can use your name with a slight change. 
  6. Check to see if the domain name is up for sale. If it is then you can buy the name from the person who is selling it. There are a lot of times people purchase a ton of domain names and sell them off.
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I think choosing another extension is a good idea, at least you do not have to compromise on the domain name. Thankfully, when I was registering a blog, my chosen name was available.
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If a domain name is not available for your blog niche then you have to accept one of the available names. This is in case of sub-domain names. In the case of your own or main domain name, even though your desired name of say '' may not be available, your desired domain name of 'sunrays' may be available with other extensions such as .org, .info, .in. etc etc. So you can opt one of them.
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There are plenty of options to get a right domain name if your chosen name is not available. Here are some the options that you can choose to get your perfect domain name.

Explore extensions and choose the one that fits: Dot com is king com, it is the first choice for many people, however, you can settle with other extensions because in terms of SEO domain extensions do not matter. Why should  yourname dot com be the first choice for your personal blog when you can use dot blog or even dot me.

Tweak the name: If you do not want to explore the extension and want to get the domain name for your chosen extension, the only option left for you is to tweak your name. I have a blog called I had chosen fatherhood as my domain name, however, it was not available, therefore I added info and was able to get the domain. You can also add numerals to give uniqueness to your domain,

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