My brother in law wedding is in December and I am thinking to go for linen suit. Want to know will it look casual for the occasion.
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Linen suit can be considered more casual than an equivalent suit in wool or cotton. The texture can play a role in this, but it's generally thought of as a casual fabric because of the way most linen holds wrinkles
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Yes, you can wear linen suit for a wedding.

Finding the right suit for the big day can feel a little overwhelming, lightweight suits look good with lightweight clothes.

Linen is one of the most popular choices for suits, and for good reasons such as a great quality, strong and highly breathable, so great for summer weddings.

For quality linen fabric, I will advice to go with Linen Club - An ethnic brand by Aditya Birla Group, the largest linen cloth manufacturer and retailer who produces superlative quality of linen fabric since 6 decades.   
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Yes, linen suit considered as casual suits for the wedding. Yostor is best online store to purchase a casual for women , designer suits for women and girls.
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