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Many people forget how important a sitemap is for their website. It is one of the forgotten items when you are first starting out online. Do you feel a sitemap is important? If you do have a sitemap do you keep it updated each time you add a new post to your site? What are your thoughts about making and having a sitemap on your site?

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When I was doing surveys, and sometimes I have to find information in a site not easily reachable, I found sitemap in the site was helpful, it got me found location of the page I have to visit. This made we understand that serious visitors might not find some information, but they may find if they easily reach the sitemap; so my upcoming website will have it; to make it visitor friendly.
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Many blog platforms already do this automatically, so you do not really have to worry about it.

Honestly I do not think people use this so much, unless your website has loads of pages and too much content. Otherwise, if it is just a blog I do not think people really care.

Having a sitemap in professional websites is essential as well, as they make everything easy to navigate. It is important to keep the sitemap always up to date.
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You are correct about not needing a sitemap for a blog site, but for a website this is critical. Especially, if you have a website that is integrated with a blog site. The size of the site, amount of pages, and the number of new entries to the blog make it very difficult for anyone to follow. A sitemap is like a roadmap that can make it easy for a person to navigate your site. One thing people have gotten lazy about is making one for their website because they never need to make one for a blog site. Google uses this to help rank your website. 

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