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How many times a week do you add new content to your blog or website. If you don't add new content each week how often do you do this each month?

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Even though it is important to update a blog at least 3 times a week (especially if you get money through adsense using it), I have to confess that I update 2-3 times a month, tops. Life gets too busy...

It is important to update as much as possible, adding the right tags, doing good SEO, adding pictures and tags on them.

If you can, do it 2-3 times a week so your chances to rank as more relevant are higher. Google values that a lot.
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Since I have started my food blog site, sometimes ago,I rarely update it now,since this is not my number 1 priority and it's not earning at this state yet. I am still doubt it will become successful since I started it 6 months ago and still no progress.My visitors are less,maybe because my topic is not that interest with many. It only focuses on food lovers, but I have only few recipes out there. I am thinking to update it maybe once a month. And once I am ready for everything to add up a new interesting topic,I will do it. I couldn't find yet what would be my interests that will become interest by many. It is not easy to build a blog. It is not just about writing something, it is about passion for doing something you love. So, in order to hit the audience, you have to do it heartedly and maybe it will succeed in time.
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As a blog visitor I like  to read updated blog at least I wouldn't mind to have at least a post per day as mininum, I hate to read stale news or post . So for a blog or any site I think it good for a blogger to update it daily even if it once daily
Updating a site daily or frequently help to optimize a site so that it is search engine friendly and search engines like Google will be able to index the site frequently too, while it's bots crawl the site frequently too.

To get the needed views and traffic one needs then a site shouldn't left fallow as in letting days go back before updating the site, the more the site is left unattended to the more there will be reduction in ones views and traffic.

Updating a site daily is the best bet for any site to be successful.

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