Please help me oh. Some people said 2000 point is equal to 2 equal and they also said the minimum cash out for new member is 2000 point and I am new here but when I reach 2000 point it wrote that payout threshold not met 
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Whether you are an old member or a new member you must obtain a minimum of 3000 points for you to qualify for payout which you will be required to send a private message to theatre Admin in oder to be paid. For 3000 you will earn $30 which will be deposited into your PayPal account.
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maybe you can contact admin? i think he would know the best. i also thought that 2000 points is equal to 2 dollars. i wish you luck.
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Thanks for your answer your answer help me at the end thank for your answer I wish you too luck 

i am glad that everything went good and they paid you. i guess they need more days for that. thank you too. i'm not eligible yet but, i hope to be:)

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Based on the rules that I read in answeree the minimum points to cash out is 3000. So you have to receive 3000 points in order to cash out, and 3000 points equal to $3.
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