How can I earn on asweree,what are those things I will do to earn
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In order to earn money from answeree you have to answer as many as question. Accourding to answeree rules you get 10 points per 1 answer, 10 points equal to $0.01. So, you have to get 1000 points to get $10, and to get 1000 points you have to answer 100 questions.
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Actually,that equals to 1$  friend ,you miscalculated it i.e 0.01*100=1 $
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i would say by interacting, patience and hoping that people will answer you topics. i'm also still new so i beleive that not everythign is oevr night. good luck.
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The best thing I can suggest is to check the Answeree's FAQ. It is my practice to know more about the site before working with it. Once you read it, then you are ready to earn on this site.
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To get some cash in answeree is very simple. You just need to answer any of available question in order to get points. After your points is enough you can cash out with cashs,
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