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You have to verified your account using ypur bank details, you cannot withdraw any money from it if you dont get verified.
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PayPal will always tell you what to do in order to get the account verified. Also, it is always important for one to verify the account instead of having to start earning first. 

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There are ways to get the limitations removed from your account. One way is to get your account verified with a credit card or a bank account. Today you can get prepaid credit cards that you can use online. If you had a prepaid credit card it wouldn't be hard to link this with your PP account. You can also make arrangements with PP to send them your ID or a copy of your Passport so they can verify who you really are.

This will all depend on what you want to do and if living with the limitation on the account is good for you then there is no need to change anything. You'll just need to send out smaller amounts of money in such cases and it will be harder to get it out of your account so you can spend it. 
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I never experienced being my account to be limited. But from what I know from my friends who experienced it, one waited after 6 months after he got his account back. He emailed the customer service of Paypal because he received something that will tell him what to do to get his account back. There is suspicious activity found on his activity which he denies, so he was very willing to follow what Paypal wants and to have his account back. Sadly, he didn't. He waited after 6 months. His balance where freeze for 6 months. He can receive money but he cannot withdraw it. Another one had clear her name. She shared every information Paypal wants. I think this is something to do with her credit card had expired. She applied for Gcash card to have another bank option and it was fast, she no longer have limited Paypal account.
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The best solution to a limited PayPal account is after you provide the method on how to withdraw from PayPal with a bank account.  Paypal monitor closely on our daily activities, and when they find transactions to be suspicious they will just hit the button.  So the solutions tto limited access account is:
Limited accesa account us like chicken pox for online  money marketer as some one put it. It is a matter of time else uiu will get it. It is actually nothing to worry about asuch as the  transaction is not fraudulent. It is a normal PayPal protocol to reverifiy one's account. Reason why is, because PayPal monitor vclosely, especially on withdraw to personal bank account. If they find your account risky, you need to prove where and how you got the funds and location you really transferring to . so paypal will require you to provide or prove that you are authorized user of the account. And you will need to send them;

1.copy of driver's license or international or national passport

2. Copy of your utility bill.

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