As we know because of this pademic most of Cruise Ship industry they paused global operations. So please give your opinion regarding that question and of course with trusted reason as wellimage

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Yes the pause because any gathering that will bring 5 or 10 people together should be stopped. 

And is also for safety and to prevent citizens from corona virus (covid 19) 

I guess that is why the stopped. 
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With this coronavirus, it is not a good idea to travel from one place to another by cruising. If things are being controlled, then we can still do it. I am sure that people will not take the risk of traveling while this virus still exists.
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For the first question, I think this year will not there are any sail from the any cruise ship company because of the situation. And for the second one, absolutly people still want to to vacation in the cruise ship.
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Since the coronavirus started its rapid global spread earlier this year, thousands of passengers have been infected and dozens have died in high-profile outbreaks on ships, even after the industry paused all new cruises in mid-March. That has led many to vow they would never set foot on a ship, even if they had taken a cruise before
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I think if the cruise management can give/show guarantee that their service are well prepared and has been applying all the safety protocols to each aspects in the ship included safety for crews and passengers, everybody can booking some trips again through the cruise ship.
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Traveling with cruise ship wasn't possible due to the existence of the virus and also the control measures entail people to avoid gathering. Yes people did wish to travel but the virus stopped that but after getting the vaccine we hope that every one will be safe and continue to observe the measures put in place. 
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