During this lockdown many person fight against both problems one-corona apedamic & second-paisa

So I know about that online money making&earning resources are believable
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I think current lockdown making us lose the jobs and also bringing the global recession makes us focus on the resources we can have. Currently we can make use of the online means to earn something. And that money can last us these hard times. I think we should be mindful about the lockdown times and find earning even that means earning 1 dollar or so. 
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There are many ideas of how you can make money online ,it's only that some ideas can take long time before you can even start earning money. Below are some of the ideas which you can earn money online.-

1. Affiliate marketing.

2..Online paid surveys

3. Article writing.


5.Paid Reviews.
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Yes the best jobs for lockdown is online money making jobs such as 

Survey pay site 

Survey junkie



Inbox dollars

Those site is very easy to earn in time of corona virus you can make 200$ per day
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Yes,its nice idea to earn in this lock down as most of us are free.So,we should find ways to earn from sites which are legit and trustworthy.
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Yes. like these sites, there are so many similar ones just, a person need to make a lot of effort to find it cause, some sites are slow earning, some are not available for your country and other. All in all, good luck!
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It depends on what kind of work online that a person is involved in. We must consider finding jobs online that can be feasible to earn money for real. Some of these jobs are virtual teachers, virtual assistants, and the like.
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Based on my experienced I get some extra during lock down by answering question and become affiliate marketing. The site such as : Mindsumo, School solver, Studypool, Clickbank and Lemonands.
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