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I hardly get any surveys and I guess it is due to my region. Does anyone know a site where I can get frequent surveys? 

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As a Nigerian too, this has been one of my major challenge so I will tell you based on personal experience and observations.

There are limited well paying sites available for us because they are usually targeted at tier one countries. The few ones we get, we rarely qualify for the surveys that's when they are even available. 

I deduced that companies are not targeting these regions. I tried and tried unending from opinionspace, palmresearch, globaltestmarket etc to no avail until I came across clixsense. 

Clixsense is a reputable well paying GPT site that pays you for various activities. Every now and then I get surveys that are aimed at my location and they are well paying ranging from $1 to $3. You can cash out at $10 minimum and payment is by payoneer. All you have to do is to be completely honest with your answers. 
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Most of the African countries we don't get frequent surveys. But then there are some survey sites that accept international members which include,mobrog, ipoll and global test market.

Mobrog is legit and pays well and you can make upto $3 per survey but I don't know what's normally wrong with their surveys because only few people end up being lucky to do the surveys due to maybe time or error.
Global test market is a  legit survey site and its been around for quite some years now although I have never seen a single payment proof from them but it pays.
Finally, ipoll,I haven't heard any complaints about it and I highly recommend you start with ipoll.
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There are a number of survey sites, which are available for Nigerians. However, the availability of survey, and the qualifying factors might vary. Rather than geography, your demography matters more. If you register with maximum number of sites, there is a probability to see a higher influx. 

Here is a list of survey sites which are open for Nigerians.

1. PaidViewpoint

2. PrizeRebel

3. PalmResearch

4. MobileXpression

5. Opinionworld

6. SurvaySavvy

7. Clear Voice Surveys

8. OpinionSpace

9. GlobalTestMarket

10. Panel Champ

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