I always get confused between these two . Can any one give me a clear answer ?
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Posting on forum means you are posting on some other persons property. And posting on your own blog means you are doing the posting on your own space. And if you are earning money from either way, long term that content becomes property of that person where the content is. 

So if you have long term plans and have to consider about the blogging approach.I think you can learn that blogging is always better if you know where the content should be posted for earning. But if you don't care for money and stuff, then forum posting makes sense. 
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This is a question that is often asked, so we thought we’d post an answer on our blog. Both blogs and forums are great tools for online communication, but the differences between the two affect how communication is accomplished and what type of response to expect.


Forums host a vast array of discussions, which are usually organized by category. All discussions are monitored by an administrator, or a group of administrators, but any member of the forum can begin a new discussion. The first post in the forum is usually just as important as follow-up responses. In all, forums are great for hosting discussions and, for the most part, all forum members are treated equally.

Many companies deploy forums as a means to assist with customer service and technical support. Customers can search the forums for similar questions and concerns to see if their particular question was previously asked and answered.


With a blog, the importance weighs heavily on the initial post, which can only be created by authorized authors. Most blogs allow follow-up comments for discussion, but the comments are usually not required to understand the blog post. Blogs can help establish authors as a thought leaders and experts, creating connections to people with similar interests. As blogs build a base of subscribers, blog authors gain a lot of influence as well.

Companies who launch blogs do so for various reasons. Businesses with corporate blogs are more transparent, sharing stories and ideas with employees and customers. Just like individuals can start blogging about a specific topic, companies can do the same.
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Forum posting is where a person normally post on someone else's  forum website which is based on certain interest .and bloging is when you post on your own website or blog ,blog  can also cater for specific interest eg financial blog or fashion blog.
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Blogging means having your own space to write, a theme to write and it should be longer that all of these answers. Also, mentioning sources is also what you should do on your blog. 
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Thank you for the information . Do you have your own blog ? I just take part in forum sites , never created my own blog .

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