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Indeed. Backlinks are like the backbone for increasing traffic for your website. Even building one quality backlink is equal for 100 normal backlinks that are built. To know more about backlinks and its strategies Follow this link- Digital transformation.

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Yes. It is necessary to build backlinks to improve traffic. It is because when you build a backlink, it serves as one way to attract as many visitors as possible to your website. With visit, of course, your website's traffic as well as that of SEO will increase. Because of this simple reason, building backlinks is very important to improve the SEO of your website.
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This is one of the biggest talked about issues online and SEO. Backlinks to your site are important, but today with the new way Google looks at your site, they aren't as important as before. When Google revised the way they rank website a few years back many things changed. Backlinks were one of them according to an article put out by Google that I read on how they now rank websites. 

I wouldn't spend all my time building backlink to your site. Yes, they do help, but not as much as before. There are other ways to optimize your site to improve your rankings. Here are a few ways Google was saying they now look at websites and ranks them:

  1. Backlinks are regarded and useful if a site that is your own niche will link to your site. These types of backlinks help your site.
  2. Backlinks for a link farm or un-natural backlinks aren't helpful for your website.
  3. Google now sends people to your site to look at it. They are there to check your site, links, and information. It is best to make sure that all your links internal and external aren't broken links. If a site is no longer online that you link to, it is best to remove this link from your site. Google doesn't really like broken links.
  4. Google is getting down on sites who use short links on the site to redirect their traffic to a website that is advertisement before it opens up the page for the person. They are not happy that people like to trick a person into opening a page that is an advertisement.
  5. With humans looking at a site the links on the site should redirect a person to content that is relevant and will benefit the reader and not some spammy content or site that has nothing to do with what you've written.
When building backlinks on your site, let them come naturally. You can talk to a website owner that is in your nice and offer to link share with him. If you link to his site ask if he won't mind linking back to your site. This is one of the best SEO tactics that you can do as a website owner.
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