I don't know how to start but I hope that I won't confuse you. I am a transsexual girl who is turning eighteen in September. Since my whole family is transphobic, I have been through a lot. I tried to focus on positive things, so I decided to set three goals that are really important to me.  

Here are my goals:

1. I want to speak many languages like native speakers.

2. I want to become a conference interpreter.

3. I want to become a woman.

Unfortunately, my self-esteem is not the best. I think that I am not good enough to fulfill my dreams. I have already tried to commit suicide and I self-harm. I don't want to be rich or become a writer. Those three dreams are the only ones I really want to fulfill. I don't even want to be in a relationship, nor do I want a family. 

Also, I think that I may be too old and that my mother tongue (Hungarian) may prevent me from fulfilling my dreams.

I know that this sounds stupid. But Hungarian is so different from other languages. 

Should I just throw in the towel and commit suicide?
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First of all you must know that nothing is impossible in this world,this means that it is really possible to achieve all your dreams and goals in this world and you can do it if you really want to. You must never give up so soon because in every success there will be also failures but you must be determined and focused and you will eventually became the winner.
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Yes,when it comes to our mind that this is our goal,then definitely we will work.
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Here's how I see what you should do. 

  • Take one dream a day. 
  • Break the dream into small steps. 
  • Document your each step. 
  • Enjoy the journey. 

If your dream is stronger than your fears, you will get there. If your dreams are smaller than your fears, you will not get there. So it all comes down to the you working harder moving ahead in life. 

Suicide is answer only when you have no purpose left in the world. And trust me, god or universe is powerful enough to take you when your purpose no longer serves.
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Yes,the steps you suggested that's very good. I also try to follow the same.
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Hi, I am here to tell you 1. You are beautiful, inside and outside. 2. You are YOU! No one else on this planet can dictate how you feel and what you MUST do. You have to do what you WANT to do. I'm not sure what you believe in, but I believe in fate. Each and every one of us were placed on the beautiful world for a reason. And it is YOUR journey to figure out that reason no one elses. You need to put you and your happiness before others. And you pursuing all your goals will not only make you happy and at peace within self but it could be the inspiration that someone else needs. Find yourself, and then thrive. You are worth it.
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Life is most enormous thing. Which can not be attained again.....and committing suicide is a sign of cowardice. But it requires courage... If you apply 10%of the courage which you have for committing a suicode, you can definitely overcome every obstacle in life.
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Great comments bro,courage to suicide is much bigger than courage to work on our dreams.
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Hi, neighbour, I'm from Croatia:) Hungarian is a lovely language but kind of hard to master it yet, it is unique.

You have lovely goals. Did you try going to theraphy cause, I feel you need to help yourself first, talking to someone and then dreams will come. 

If you don't want to, here are my solutions, in a way. I knew of Interpals site and there are a lot of native people there; it depends what language you want to learn but, you can choose it there and communicate with people there. It's not just for studying. 

For conference interpreter, I'm not sure. Maybe to study a political science. You can do it online but, I think you have to pay it or enroll in college, after taking an exam. Since it is Bologna learning system now, I'm not sure how it works yet, it is possible. If not, maybe trying applying to some firms in Hungary so, you can get experience first.

The last one, maybe that's the hardest one but, I also feel you need to have a money for operation. I know it will be different if your family supports you, even emotionally, but, if you tell them, since, you're their family as well, things may turn out as good. 

Actually, this is the last one. Don't commit a sucide, it is not the way especially, if it doesn't go well (if you became an invalid, for example) so, you'll feel even worse and end up in a nut house and, i know you're smarter than that. Right now, you're just emotionally damaged and, I'm sorry how you're feeling.

Please, stay with us:(   

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Committing suicide is not the answer to these personal problems. It is not like snapping fingers and you can have them all. We can do it one step at a time. Working hard is the next thing to consider. You can find ways to achieve these goals. 
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No should not give up on your dream because God had reason why he allowed you to be born in this world. be patients and trust in him everything will be okey.
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Everyone are blessed life on earth because of a cause,so anytime suicide comes into your mind you should think about its outcomes twice.And your dreams are quite relevant and I appreciate it but giving up will neither help you.

So,You should be patient and take small steps everyday to fulfill it in future:).

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