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There is a mobile app called Mobilescope that can monitor your phone to see what each app does and which one is leaking data. This is a service that you can access through their website. I do believe you need to sing up for this service. Here you can monitor the finding and check your apps that you've installed on your mobile device. You'll see if this app is dangerous or not. The app is detailed on the site and whenever an app sends out your personal information from your email account or other things on your phone it sends out an alert. This way the company can monitor all apps on mobile devices.  

Otherwise, on Android devices, you can monitor and check your app on your devices that are already installed. 

  1. Go to your Manage Application Screen on your device.
  2. You'll need to tap on Setting and select Applications.
  3. Select any app from the list and open the app.
  4. Scroll down to see what permissions the app has on your device.
  5. You will see what the app can access and what personal data it can use or send out.
  6. You'll see all the warning signs and what the app can do.
  7. If the app has access to your email accounts, contacts, or other personal data, delete it immediately and remove it from your phone.
  8. Over 80 percent of all wallpaper apps have access to your personal data and send this information to a server in China.
Apple is a bit pickier when it comes to apps than Android is. Most Android apps can easily access your personal information and send it out. it is best to check your apps and see what they can do.
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answered by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
It's not too difficult finding out the different apps with their different data consumptions as every device comes with an inbuilt function specifically design for this task.
You don't need any special app to undergo this task, as said above, all phones come with an inbuilt function to serve the purpose. It's called data usage and can be found in the settings of any device. All you have to do is get into the settings and tap on data usage. That's it. All apps will be listed according to the amount of used data, starting from the highest to lowest. When you click on any of the apps listed, the next page displays more information like the exact amount of data used with time and dates.
Remember that almost all inbuilt functions in a phone has limited functions. For better or more advanced functions, you'll need an app to execute the said task.
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Well, depending on the kind of smartphone which you are making use of would determine the best way of finding out which applications that are installed on your smartphone device that is using your internet data without you having any idea. Some applications are designed to be running in the background while it taps your internet data as long as you have an active data subscription. This is actually the reason why I always set up my background application data restriction in order to prevent unnecessary and unauthorized accessing of my data plan by these background applications.
Most android smartphone are all the same, so it would be very easy to find out which applications that are tapping your internet data subscription.

Go to settings.
Go to data usage.
Click cellular and all the applications using your data would display beneath it showing the amount of data each application have consumed already.
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Every smartphone that has apps on it, by default all installed apps takes share of data,  though not significant phone users are aware of all these and their implications. On Android phones this can easily be checked and monitor by going to settings then apps by default when you click on apps,  all installed apps will be displayed, so click on individual apps and details will show like the storage,  data usage,  permission and notifications.  The data usage will show you the volume of data it consume.

It is your choice to take decision on whether you allow it continues or not. When you click on permission it shows you all the apps it access to, business default they on,  so can decide to off them though their implications for such action. When they are off the app will not be able to steal your data again.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 16 67
Almost all apps work smoothly with the internet and without connection the app might not open for usage and as such there should be data on the phone to be able to access them. Then again some data are just data gulping and one needs to know them so as to monitor them and maybe put some restrictions to them. You can do this by getting to your data usage if you're using Android phone or cellular if using iPhone. Scroll to each app and find out which is using good amount of data.

It is not enough to just check to know you can still help in prventing more usage of the data by the apps. All what need do is to put a restrictions on the background data consumption so that the app only run when clicked. So do this just open each of the apps and click on restrict background data.

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