Every single persons have their weakness, do you know what is yours?
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A lot of weakness actually. 

  • I am pretty slow on execution compared to others. 
  • I am pretty late on everything in life. 
  • I am bad at social life. 
  • I am bad at relationship

I can go on and on with the life. But I mostly pay attention to the strength side so I prefer to focus on amplifying that in my life. 

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Yes,I also felt that if you invest so much time on yourself,people will think you as less social person :(.

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Not having patience in work is one of my demerits. I involve in lot of things at once and when it comes to getting success,I am quite confused for which one I should go.
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The only fear that lingers in my spine is my family will be hurt. I must say that I am a worrier to their welfare. I would rather have the pain than letting them feel it. That's how I love them.
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I have a lot weakness acctually, but the worst one is I can't see something disaster. When see something is not maintain, not arrange I feel stress.
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I focus too much on the details

Being “detail-oriented” a typically a good thing, but if you’re someone who tends to spend too much time on the specifics of a project, it could also be considered a weakness. By sharing that you focus too much on details, you’re showing your interviewer that you’re capable of helping the organization avoid even minor mistakes.

Be sure to explain how you’re making improvements in this area by looking at the big picture. While employers may not love the idea of having an employee who is preoccupied with fine points, a candidate who assures quality and strives for balance can be a great asset.
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It is only the Almighty that is perfect, as humans we all have different forms of weaknesses, and the reason we need people or others around us to complement in areas we are weak and we also complement others in areas they are weak. 
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My weakness is being determined to do something until I accomplish no matter the obstacles I may face. I can even go without food and avoid other luxuries so as to achieve my goal. 
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I have many weaknesses regarding most of the things but what is important to deal everything with positivity and always surround with positive vibes around us.
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