The most person will make you faild or success is yourself, but when we get angry, it's very difficult to control it.
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I use to count1,2,3,4...........till 20.

It's very difficult to ba calm down. But I manage somehow to get normal.

Afterall Anger is the sign of weakness.
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I just need to cool off by stepping out of the arguments. Once both parties had cooled down, then it is about time to talk. If not, it is impossible to have an agreement and be at peace at the same time.
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In order to calm my self when I get angry is very simple. I just need to say "STOP', and that's it I feel more calm when I shout that word. My brother also do the same thing.
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When I am angry I do the following things below to control my anger-

1. I listen to my favourite songs on my smartphone.

2. I take a long walk alone.

3. I chat with my friends on social media networks.
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Give myself a break. Sit away from others. In this quitet time, I process events and return my emotions to neutral. I find this time away from others is so helpful even I want to schedule it into my daily routine.
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When I'm angry, I take a deep breathe and relax myself. I sometimes walk away to avoid bursting in anger and utter words that I may regret saying. 
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Tell yourself to calm down. ...

Force yourself to leave the situation. ...

Use visualization to calm down. ...

Count to 10 (or 50… or 100) if you feel like you're about to do or say something harmful. ...

Splash some cold water on your face.

Slow down and focus on your breathing.
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When I am angry it is best to leave the scene, or I turn my attention to something else like music. I also think of the consequences of the anger which will make me calm down.
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