Photos of the US President Trump wearing a mask the fakers of news caught a glimpse of the President "finally masked to set as an example".

Well, the sensationalized news about the PPE'd President raised curiosity. So, I checked it out myself to get to the bottom line of the truth.

Don't get me wrong, I fully respect those who require themselves to wear a protective mask for their own safety.

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President Trump did wear a mask with his emblem when he was on a Ford Tour in May and that too inside.  This mask was presented to him.  He has refused to wear a  mask in public. 
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I think he needs to wear a face mask as a role model for his people. That's the reason why some Americans are anti-maskers. If he can educate them, then it will stop the spread of the virus in some way in affected areas.
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And he is skilled at dominating the visual medium that still matters so much — even in our digital age — from his raucous rallies to his impromptu media gaggles outside a whirring helicopter to his symbiotic relationship with Fox News.
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