I've been seeing some ads lately that promises to pay the players a high-amount of money for playing their games. One ad even says you can win up to 2 Million dollars a week.

Would you believe those ads?
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Anything that is too good to be true is likely to be a scam. There is no easy money. It's hard to believe such claims. I am highly doubtful.
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My thoughts exactly. 

However, I am wondering how many percents of those who saw those ads actually believed? 

Would the companies that made those 'paying' apps are earning enough to continue financing the ad campaigns?

My curiosity sometimes tempts me to download and find out their scheme, but I'm afraid those apps may contain something else.
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I believed on this concern of yours. Before the pandemic, there are game players working in a company in my city. They just play and give feedback. I believe they earn a lot as compared to other online jobs. Sometimes they are called 'game tester.' If I am good at this, I might apply for this kind of job.
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I believe they can you give coins but not a million dollars. I want to try it someday though. Playing games from a legit paying company would be a great experience too.
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I think there are some valid apps. You get paid actually by viewing the ads within the game. But it takes some time to earn a dollar. 
It seems likely that you need to watch a couple dozen ads before you get your payment and it will definitely take up much time.
Coins, its true some are not even legit. They claim to pay millions I wonder if everyone wins will they be able to pay every participant. We should be careful at all times. 
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I would not. I mean, I am not into playing cyber games. But if they offer legal sign-up registry to do the tasks of playing and PayPal payments, they probably would pay. ForumWheel has gaming websites such as those.

Good luck.
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Nope . Not at all . They are absolute scams , I am saying it from my own experience . Don't waste your time on those , use that time to do some freelance work instead . 
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I would not recommend to play such games which pay the users. The motive of playing games must be entertainment only. Also, the websites which pay for playing games pay very less amount. If you want to earn money then find some other way for that. It's not gonna help you.
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I'm not sure about it. Accourding to the reviews that I read on google or even youtube, most people of view give bad reviews which is there is no mobile gaming that pay us for playing.
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I would be very careful with anything that looks to good to be true! No one is out there throwing 10 or 20 dollars a day just for a few minutes or hours. There are also many games that steal your data (email, address, etc), which is very dangerous. If you really need money, you should find a website that will pay you for some task or knowledge you may have.
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I have got paid by some of the mobile games in the past. Usually those type of the mobile games pay you for the app tessting. Here in east asia, we tend to have some of such apps every now and then. 
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Yes I believe those games that offers to pay me for playing but  one disadvantage of these games they tend to pay low and also not many games are legit most are not legit but for those that are legit they really pay.
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The idea of earning money by playing games might sound too good to be true, but there truly are various mobile game apps that pay real money.  The biggest limitation is that these apps won't ever be great money earners. Just like survey apps or offer apps, you're always going to be making far under the minimum wage.
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That's a legit scam! If they pay someone 2 million dollars a week by just playing games, probably in this days, many gamers are now millionaires. Maybe the vise versa is happening, everyone is playing mobile games while the company earns 2 million dollars a week
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There is a mixture of legit and scam companies hence I will need t validate first before entering into it to avoid waste of time and energy. 
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