Recommend me a good movie that will make me feel sad in the same time inspired? - Answeree
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You can watch Me Before You.

It is a life changing story that shows how our lives can change from one thing to another. You will definitely feel sad, however you will learn a few life lessons that will definitely be Worth your time. This movie also has a book with the same name, by Jojo Moyes.

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This movie made me sad, and let me feel how dogs are important to our surroundings, I'm not quite sure if you'll feel the same thing but give a try! The title of the movie is The Dog Purpose when I watched it. I started missing my favorite dog, and this movie let me feel that I should put more importance on my dogs that I have in my home, so the day after I watched that movie I always show to my dogs how they are important for me
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I don't know a movie but I know one series, its about  revenge.Its about a girl whose family was separated by those people in power.His dad was framed in a crime that he never did and was then taken to prison and in the prison he "died". But before dying the dad had left the road map to revenge and the people who planned to frame him but he wrote a journal and told the daughter to have a different heart like his and forgive.

The girl has spent 4 years in juvenile since the age of 13 and when he came back  was sure that he was going to revenge with the help of his dad's friend(Norlin Ross).She then had to use a fake identity so be able to clear his dad's name from the terrorist list.

All along lots of things happened,ups and downs.She started taking revenge and eliminating or ruining one of those people until she was left with the big fish. All along no one noticed her because she was a full grown lady compared to when she was separated from her dad.

With this series at times you'll feel very inspired and forgiveness will hardly cross your mind.There's a quote tseriese uses," when everything you ever loved has been taken from you,consider revenge".She finally succeeded in eliminating all those people who ruined their life.
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We are all different in the kind of movies we like but for me The Shawshank Redemption about a man wrongly accused of the murder of his wife and her lover, his life in jail and his mission to escape and build a new life is one of the most inspiring movies I have ever seen. Andy Dufresne had been the successful vice president of a bank and by befriending some of the prison staff and helping them with their money problems he sets about and successfully brings down their crooked empire.

It was a box office flop to begin with but has now become an all time favourite for many people. Some parts are hard to watch where he takes some appalling beatings and terrible abuse but his fight to gain freedom and clever escape makes very compelling viewing.
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"The Three Idiots"  It's a sad and inspirational Indian movie where an engineering professor used to mistreat his students. One of his engineering student who was very sharp but was studying on behalf of someone else. That student was hated for challenging the lecturer each time. But this situation came to an end when the three most hated students help the daughter of the professor to deliver. 
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You may want to watch the Korean movie A Moment to Remember. It's about a rich girl who got stood up in a train station by the man whom she wants to build her future with. In the course of trying to pick herself up, she met this carpenter guy, who's apparently working for his dad.

To cut the long story short, they both fell in love with each other; however, the girl's family won't approve of it, as they come from different social classes. But even if such is the case, they fought for each other and decided to build their own home.

Years has passed and the girl suddenly become so forgetful to the point where she even calls her husband with the name of the guy who stood her up. The progression of the disease has become a massive burden for both of them but the guy didn't give up. He continuously think of things on how his wife can always be reminded of him, of their marriage and of their love for each other.

Watching this movie will not only make you feel sad but will also inspire you, and will make you believe in the power of true love.
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