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Much better to use it with Vitamin C. It is advisable to take 1000 mg a day, but some are taking it more than the recommended because they want their skin to get whiter as fast as they wish.

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Twice a day, each capsule weighing 1000 mg,this is the highly recommended dosage and should be taken along with vitamin C.Vitamin C is taken together with glutathione in oder to be in absorbable/reduced form and also vitamin C releases the potential of vitamic C derivatives(whitening properties). Glutathione doesn't have side effects if taken for a longer period of time.
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The recommended dose for skin lightening is between 1000 to 2000 mg daily, divided by two doses.
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Social media is really interesting i get to learn so many things. Every single day i get to learn about something new. Today i learn about glutathione i have never heard about this before. But i got to learn something through the comments. Its an anti aging pill. There are so many supplements available in the market for every need, and people are running up amd down and finding ways toget this supplements in order to get things right with their bodies. 

I am not trying to diacourage anyone from doing what they want to do, we all have different ways to manage our bodies. My only concern is while we take this supplements aren't we adding more chemicals in our bodies, that's just a thought. I think there are better ways to reverse how our body systems work and this is by eating right and exercising in the right way. Does anyone agree with me on this? The foods that we eat will determine how our skins and bodies look like. When we don't eat well our bodies will start reacting at some point and that's when you find people getting sick. Our skins start sagging and looking dehydrated. If you can only do this things you won't have to be taking supplements all the time. Then there are the strains of life that just seem to get us down most of the time, stress being the major factor. Did you know that when your stressed, even medicine cannot help you long term because its something that has to be dealt with from within our hearts. Once that is done then you can be assured that all else will fall into place. When your heart and mind are in good order you won't have to depend on supplements to keep you well and keep you looking good and perfect. This is advice that i like to share because it has helped me a great deal. You have nothing to loose but to gain.
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If you are taking Glutathione for skin lightening, then my recommendation will be concentrating on skin hydration instead of skin lightening. But consult a specialist first. If they give you green light then you can take Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, B Complex, and minerals.

How many Glutathione should you take? It depends on your physical and skin condition. Take advice from a specialist then decide how many tablets you should take.

Also, take some time to know about Glutathione. There are lots of online health-related blog and article site where you find about Glutathione. Hope, this video will help you out...

Don't forget to know about the side effects and consult your doctor, make sure you are always on the safe side.

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