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Can I treat eczema or atopic dermatitis using glutathione?

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Glutathione is antioxidant found in the body used mainly for detoxification in patients with eczema.On the other hand eczema is skin inflammation disease caused by abnormal reaction of the immune system.

Glutathione is mostly found in the vitamin B2 and it helps in the treatment of eczema.It regulates the function of the immune system and helps the immune cells from attacking and destroying the healthy cells.The use of glutathione supplements like coconut water and milk can prevent eczema.
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Glutathione may help in eczema but milk is not. Generally milk, especially cows milk is highly allergenic to persons with eczema or atopic dermatitis. Your answer is not fully correct.
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Actually i just realized that milk doesn't but since it contains vitamin B12.How we can put that??? Not milk from a cow directly.
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Yes! Glutathione being an antioxidant that is produced at the body's cell has the potential of fighting oxidative stress related diseases. And enzema is left out.

Basically enzema is caused as a result of inflammation triggered by free radicals produced by oxidative stress whereby there is much reactive oxygen molecules in body than it ought to be owing to the decreased levels of antioxidants.

Glutathione being a major source of antioxidants with the potential of countering the activities of these free radicals that caused various forms of diseases helps to heal enzema. Glutathione is useful in improving another skin related condition like psoriasis.

They can be found naturally in foods such as vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlics, nuts, lean meats e.g, children and fish, eggs, legumes etc. And they are greatly affected by environmental toxins, stress, aging and nutrition.

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