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"Salam Charity" most reliable and working many year's in our homeland London/United Kingdom collecting donations for refugees worldwide for lifesaving, food aid, shelter and education to spend their life normally once again.


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There are so many charities all over the place, i think if i were to have a favorite one that would not be right according to me. Everyone has the right and the priority to like or not to like a particular charity. For me its actually a priority and an honor to be part of a charity. So whenever i can i do what i need to do.

I will watch, look around listen and see who,where and what is needed, then i will take a step and give to charity. Its not a question of who really deserves the charity or not. Wherever help is needed that is where we go regardless, because thats the whole purpose of charity. Having a favorite is like choosing who do go to and give a hand and who not to go to,  and i think doing that will make you miss out of some things that could really make a difference. They need our help and that is our mandate to give it. In short i don't have a favorite charity i just give whenever i can. Charity is an act of giving, its free will,nobody forces you to do it, you do it on your own accord. If we were to choose which charity is our favorite would we be giving to charity really? What if so many people choose one charity as their favorite then what will happen to the rest of the other charities? Will they be able to benefit from anyone? Of cause not, why because no one will have chosen them as a favorite. So i would urge anyone who is giving up to charity do it for the love of giving and changing someone's life and not because you like the way it sounds or looks. If you do that i can assure you, you will feel or you will have no joy in your giving because your reason for giving is not to make a difference but to make a name.
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When it comes to charity, there is no question of 'favorite' with me. I help all those people who are really in need of some financial help. I also donate money every now and then and also as and when occasion arises where functions like 'feeding the poor'are organized. The only thing I do is to verify the person concerned. It is because now days there are cheats too.
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You just reechoed my thoughts I don't have favourite charity I try to extend my helping hands wherever my help is needed, I make sure to be useful and helpful to everyone to make the world a better place
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For years I donated to the American Heart Association after my grandfather died of a heart attack. Then I changed and sent the money to the Cancer Society to try and find a cure for cancer. In the end, I have only been disappointed in all this because it seems they want your money and there is nothing to show for this at all. People still have issues with their hearts and there isn't a cure for cancer.

Today, I think it is best to try and save our planted and protect what we have here. The horror stories and pictures you see of how people abuse animals are shocking. The only people I really see now who make a difference are the ones who go in and save these poor animals. Now I give my money to them and I can finally see that my money is making a difference. 
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Yes I do, i like animal causes, as most People simply close their eyes to the animal cause. Differently from children , animals cannot Voice their needs and conoletely rely on humans. Kids Who are left on the Street are always rescued whereas Animals are usually left to die. That kills me só I prefer to help animal charities and help them.with my own hands, adopting and caring.
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Not actually favourite, I just help anyone I feel like they need help.Like every year I must visit children's home and I usually donate things like clothes, books,pens and sanitary towels.I once visited the home for the elderly and couldn't figure out what exactly I was to carry along for the donation.I hence prefer visiting Children's home.
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