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When I worked outside the home and I was required to report to work at a certain time, I set an alarm clock.  But now that I work from home and can set my own schedule, I don't use an alarm clock.  Also my alarm clock broke!  LOL.
Not everyday though. But i do set alarm clock when i have an important place i want to go the next morning.
Yes, i need a high sounding alarm to wake up, otherwise i dont wake up.
I rarely do it actually . Mostly when I have to get up and go somewhere early , but sometimes I feel sleepy and snooze it and continue sleeping hehe

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I used to set my alarm at 6:30 am when I am working on the office. I sleep earlier than 12:00 or 11:00pm and wake up in the stated time. But now I haven't used my alarm clock in my phone anymore
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