Everyone of us have a favorite past time. Mine is playing mobile games. What about you, which would you prefer, watching Netflix or playing mobile games?
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I am an older person and I think most of us prefer to watch Netflix. My son and my granddaughter love to play games but I don't even understand half of them so I will stick to movies.
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I love your answer. Yes, those games might be quite confusing for older people but you should try it sometime. Many games are also designed for older people to enjoy.

सीGood job, we must play the game sometimes so that our energy remains

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I would prefer playing mobile games. I like to do mind exercises all the time. It makes the mind sharp and also increases ability to take decisions. In gaming, I like to play puzzle, riddles, word search and quiz games.
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I actually feel the same. I love playing mystery and puzzle games to challenge my mind as well.
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For me I prefer playing mobile games. When I play mobile games make me fell relax, forget about my problems for a while. I love to play strategy game just like empire earth, stronghold crusader and sometimes transformer.
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Those are nice games. While I love playing puzzle games, I also love to play action games especially Final Fantasy.
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I do not have enough free time to play mobile games. The only thing I do is to surf the Internet and earn some pennies for earning sites like this. For some instances, I kill the time watching some short video clips on YouTube.
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The answer to this question honestly depends on my mood and what I have going on. There are times when I watch Netflix and binge for hours! Then there are times when I find new mobile games and play them for hours. It all depends.
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During this pandemic most of us find some things that can deliver us from being bored and these two are one of the examples. But I used to find online jobs, working out to achieve a healthy body fit, learning some new things that can help to my everyday life after this pandemic rather than watching netflix and playing mobile games. 
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I often play mobile games. But it's not uncommon for me to watch movies but not Netflix. My friends rarely watch movies on the application. With me they played GSM. It was very exciting for me. 
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Well i think i will prefer to play games over Watching Netflix because i am not into movies or series i love to play game as due to current condition i can't watch it with it friend so its boring for me
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I would choose Netflix but not everything about it. I would just select the documentary section as I would like to keep learning and not just fill my mind with silly movies about nonsensical things.
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I guess I find watching Tv a lot more entertaining than mobile games, now I can see if it was gaming on ps4 or box way entertaining than watching tv because they have better themes and obstacles that really excite me.
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I like doing both during my free time but am into watching so much. I do spend less time playing mobile games. My kids usually use my phone for playing games when am not using it. 
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