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How a woman can achieve muscles naturally without any medicines?

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answered by Patron (2,984 points) 3 16 40

Absolutely, especially if they like to swim and exercise at the gym a lot.

No one needs steroids to build muscle...people use steroids as a shortcut, which is very harmful to the body.

Women just need dedication to build up some muscle, therefore the use of any other substance is not necessary.

If you would like to gain muscle, make sure you go to the gym regularly and have the help of a personal trainer.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
There is no need to take steroids to achieve a muscular body. All you need is a good coach, a fantastic diet, an exercise program and the will to succeed. Many woman bodybuilders take pride in their body and how hard they have worked to achieve the look they want. As a woman bodybuilder, you don't want the same muscle mass as men have. There is a different training program that women need to follow to achieve this look. Don't get me wrong they will still be lifting weight and working on toning their bodies and their muscle mass. It is just a bit different for them than men. Furthermore, nobody needs medication to achieve the look they want. All they need is a bit of hard work and dedication.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 16 67
Women are acquiring muscles without taking any drugs through the right exercise and training. I have seen muscular women in the gym I attend and I know it from gyming for a long time.if one needs muscles as a lady then it good to get a body building instructor to train one on the different exercises.

Looking at the woman mostly in the rural areas that are into hard jobs like farming,splitting firewood and doing other hard jobs even though domestic jobs gain muscles over time. So yes women can be muscular from doing hard domestic jobs overtime.

Women don't need to be on steroid to gather muscles or be muscular the right activities can easily make one have that without added chemicals.

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