Today I attended a webcast funeral. This is a funeral which is broadcast live over the internet. They have been around for a while but with the arrival of the virus they are becoming more common. You are given a username and password to make sure you get the right funeral and you can watch the service live.

What do you think of them? Would you attend one?
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Well, I will attend it because of this virus thing. We are enjoying the products brought by the 4th Industrial Revolution. If I am in a far-flung area, I will surely want this option to give respect to the family who had lost their loved ones.
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In my view webcast funeral is a video/audio live stream that allows family members who are unable to attend a funeral service to join through a private and secure connection so as to still be a part of the service.
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You can also attend weddings and church services this way too but of course it isn't the same as being part of an important occasion. It just allows you to watch the ceremony if there is no other way.
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A funeral webcast is where the funeral service is broadcast live over the internet. Families choosing this service are provided with a private log in and password.
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Funerals and memorials remind us we aren’t alone in this loss. They allow us to look around at all the lives touched; to share the memories and stories that will be a small light in the dark days ahead. Funerals give us a time not just to reflect the life lost, but also of the legacy that remains. And for some people, funerals are what makes the loss finally feel real. 
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