Would you choose someone who loves you ot the person you love?
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No, I would not waste valuable time, my life,  my ambitions and goals over anyone I know would ruin my life. I don't think anyone with their rational and right mind will fall for someone who does not care for them and not value other people's life!

I'd rather have a pet dog that would be a faithful friend and would guard my life.
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Wow thanks for that answer. Im actually thinking of having dogs at home and live alone in the forest. Cause dogs are better than humans. 

Good thing I trained myself well to become not dependent on anyone
Some people are arrived and make such a beautiful impact, you can bearly remember what life was like without then. True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. 
I liked your answer very much. You say that right nowadays there is no benefit from anyone by wasting your precious time.
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It's strange because my answer would be I would never stay with anyone I knew would ruin my life even if I loved him but I have a friend who did. She felt that anything was better than being alone so she went back to her abusive husband. She had already left him once because he was such a terrible husband but went back to him. They moved away and we lost touch so I have no idea what happened but she didn't listen to me when I told her not to go back.
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My mother did just the same. Theyre already senios but my father is still abusive. Not only does he abuse my mother but also abuse us. So I wonder how my mother thinks because no matter what my father do,she always chooses to stay
I'm so sorry to hear that Genie. It must be hard to live with an abusive parent. My father was strict but not abusive and I learned to respect him for it as I got older.
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If you think that this person would ruin your life, why need to be with him or her. Sometimes people are just being practical. They can be with someone who loves him or her that much. Eventually, if you open your heart, you will learn to love him or her.
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Absolutly not. There are so many think that I can do out of love that kind of person. Maybee of course I still have a feel about that person, but I have to forget it.
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For me as better I will someone else that good enough as my friend but I can still talk to other people who run life but for me I will not move closer to him as much 
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Relationship should be compatible not built on people who ruin your happiness and joy. But try to make the person see how hurt you are. If they still insist on their behavior it will be better to quit.
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Friendship is isn't about who you've known the longest. Its about who walk in your life, said "I'm here for you" and proved it.  Friendshi is the only cement that will ever hold the world together
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No, I would not like any such person. I'd rather refuse anyone else to talk to him or keep a friendship. Who can ruin my life, what will leave the other? So  wouldI like to let no one talk to him.
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I don't want to be married with this kind of person, I would search another person to be life with, the person who make me comfortable, loved and respected. I will give the same to this positive person.
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