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I will formulate or made a rule that will be beneficial not only to the site but also for the members. Any changes should explain because not all members will understand immediately. So far the site is good and I love the immediate response of admin to PM.

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If I was the owner of the site, I want to leave it just the way it is right now. I think the owners of this site are doing a wonderful job, they have started to redo the site, changed the format, added new pages filled with information and they are great at keeping an eye on here to help out whenever they can. This takes a lot of hard work, time and effort and this site is well run and has a lot of potential. I think there is no need for any major changes right now. 

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That's a different question.if I'm the owner of the site I'm sure I can't maintain the site this much perfectly..but I try to increase the traffic because it's a good site ,most of them don't know this website.

Such a nice website should get more traffic, then it will be too good.i hope this will happen very soon .lot of them show interest to join ,then hopefully it will get referral system too.
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I think you're trying to mean what we should suggest that should be added or changed:

1.)First and very crucial, this site should have a referral program and when you bring a downline,you get some commission even if it's a one time commission.This will increase the population of this site and people will be able to get answers to their questions faster.

2.)Before one gets enrolled in the paid program, they should at least go through some tests like submitting ten answers to the question to prove whether they're eligible to work in answeree or not, just by the way they express their answers, grammatic wise.

3.)Their should be a posting limit,like for instance everyone should only be allowed to answer a certain number of questions daily like maybe 10 or even 20 to avoid spamming this site.

4.)When we comment on answers,we should get at least some token like one cent so that we get that morale.

5.)Finally, the admin should approve the answers like everyday and not to wait till that time someone requests for a withdrawal because I feel like it will really be a lot of work if one or several people request for withdrawal the same day.
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What do you mean by the 5th point? !! Can you explain it in simple sentences?
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I suggest you should read the FAQ section to understand the point and what I meant.
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fifth point is little bit confusing. can you explain it? @ruthmongare 
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ruthmongare means that the posts should be checked for quality every day rather than wait until a person cashes out and then check the whole lot in one go but we don't know if that would be possible as we don't know what goes on behind the scenes.
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Your question is like asking for our suggestions on answeree. The following are my suggestion;

(1) The minimum withdrawal amount should be reduced from $30 to $1

(2) people should ask relevant questions not just ask anything.

(3) Apart from PayPal other means of payment should be introduced as  well.

That's all. Otherwise the site is good, user friendly and it's fast.
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I don't think many people realise how much work goes into maintaining a site, especially a paying site, which is why so many fail in the first few months of opening. People will say a site has turned scam when all that happened is they didn't anticipate how much it would cost to pay people and just ran put of money.

This site seems to be running very well and I don't think it needs any changes at the moment. As the saying goes, why fix it if it's not broken?
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+1 to that. I like the term 'why fix it if it's not broken'. I can see the site has got a traction and is being more popular day by day.
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I will ask for the feedback of this site from the user members and will respect each and every feedback received with utmost care and will try to implement the improvements if any suggested by the valued user members of the site to the extent possible. It is because user members are the backbone of any site.

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