There are times that we experience some dilemmas at work. Of course, there is no perfect working environment. If you were in a company with lots of tasks to do, do you do it by yourself or ask colleagues for assistance?


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Pay attention to your emotions and how they influence you. Realize that emotions are part of the workplace and that negative emotions can fuel the conflict. Acknowledge your emotion and then determine its source. Is it based on a bad experience or a past interaction that may be influencing the current situation? Is it based on something you have no control over? Take the time to deescalate before moving forward.
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You have a point here. The performance evaluation can determine how an employee's ability to work with his or her colleagues. Concealing one's feelings can lead to violating freedom. However, we can still use our emotions at the right time and situation.
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I would first try to solve the problems by myself but if I really felt I couldn't I would ask for help rather than make a big mistake. In most of the jobs I have been in I have always asked the advice of those who are more experienced or senior and they were always happy to help.

If I had too much work to cope with by myself I would either delegate if I was in a position to do that or ask my boss if he could find someone to help. If there was no one available I would just get on with it and do it myself.
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In most cases, some colleagues at work will not offer help because they have their own to deal with. In fact, they considered us their competitors. I had seen some of my colleagues before who cannot even share their expertise because they think that I can have all the credits. It is common before and now.
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Acctualy it's depends on the situation and condition about the problems that I facing of. If the problem is about my job of course I'ii try to solve by selft and when I can't solve, I'ii ask help from my collegue.
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There is nothing wrong if you ask for help. Unless these colleagues of yours are willing to lend their hands on you. Sometimes it may not happen because they do not want to be disturbed in doing their job responsibilities.
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It depends on the type of problem that you are facing. If it is petty then as an independent person that I am, I would rather solve it by myself. However, if it is complicated I would seek others help. 
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I do agree that a company hired us to do our job responsibilities as much as possible. It is a part why we signed the contract. The employers are expecting to do our jobs. On the other hand, we can still ask for help especially if it is not within our field of expertise.
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Communicate my needs to my boss. I may or may not get along well with your supervisor, but i keep the lines of communication open between the two of us as best i can. Remember that it is part of a boss’ responsibility to ensure that you are in an environment that enables me to get your work done, so i do not feel like i need to keep concerns from them.
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There is a question if the boss is doing his part at work. How about we twist the situation? What if the boss is incompetent? I am sure not all bosses are qualified to be one.
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Your progress at work affects others so it is better to work as a team rather than in solitude, in an typical work environment, they have different sections that handles various issues, you can make a complaint by doing the problem will be solved on time and work will continue. 
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For the oldies employees, I agree that we can ask for some help from them. Although performance evaluation will be in jeopardy if we keep on doing this. The HR staff will find out what's your flaws for not doing his or her job responsibilities.
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