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If I am getting what you are saying, you'd like a tool or program that you can install on your computer that will allow you to hook up your phone and download information back and forth. Furthermore, you'd like access to the text document or notes you have stored on your phone.

Yes, there is a free program that works with Android or iOS devices. This is a great interface program that allows you to copy your contacts, your photos, music, and phone directory. You can also back up your phone or if you have a new phone you can backup and dump all your existing data stored on your old phone to your new phone. The name of the program is called Syncois. I use this to recover data from the broken phone or to help a person transfer data from one device to another. I also use this to create playlists and upload them to the phone. It is great for backing up all your images so you can clean out the limited space on your phone. Most people normally don't buy a phone with more than 64GB on it. However, here most of the phones sold are only 16GB and this program is a lifesaver. 
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I suggest you use TexFer. It a great Android app to transfer text from mobile phone to pc and vice versa within a fraction of seconds! Also, it provides you the option to easily bookmark messages and add it to favorites for future reference. Lastly, it is a free app, so you don't have to think twice before downloading

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The best application to check your text or calls is MYSMS you can download that in playstore or go to their website. Once you download the application you need to login using your gmail account and you also need to download mysms application on your phone. In that way you can check your new text messages on your pc or any other device that has mysms. 
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