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There are just people who have thirst for power, corruption and anything bad but if we stand up for these whole things and make a change, just like the song "Man in the Mirror" is telling, then we can still make this world a better place. 

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The thirst for power and wealth can be a good thing depending on the text It comes in. Corruption on the other hand is never a  good thing. Take a good look at what corruption has done to the world especially in the government and public sectors of countries. 

For instance, in my country, because of corruption. People in the higher ranking of government siphon public funds for their personal acquisition because they have the power to do that. They are above the law and that is all shades of wrong. 

Funds That could have been otherwise used for basic amenities, education, job creation and general development of the nation goes the the pockets of a handful of people. 

What happened to using all that power and wealth to do the good things that matter to humanity. 
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No, I do not. That is what all the problem is about now. Greed. Too many big businesses, governments, and others are greedy and they feel that money is power. They don't need to follow the rules because money can always buy their way out of trouble.

Where I live it is the same. We had one President here on our islands for 25 years until he made the big mistake, his head was too large, and he lost the election to an independent who wanted to free our islands from France. All the big and wonderful talk and in the end all he cared about was taking the airlines from here, using our money, and bringing his staff with him to go play golf around the world at the most luxurious golf courses. All of this was first class including the hotel and all the meals they ate. This guy promised so much and the people believed him. In the end the greed of the office, the money he could use went to his head like so many before him. Furthermore, the greed and corruption he had almost destroyed our economy and to make up for it everything here that is controlled by our government was raised beyond belief. We are already paying $3.45 a liter for gas and he decided to raise this to $5.95. It didn't stop there, our electricity, gas for cooking, and even food in our markets was raised so high that the poor people were going hungry because they couldn't afford to eat any longer. It was nice when the 5 years was up and we got him out of office. 

Greed and power can't make things better. Once a person gets a taste of this they want more. They gain it all and we lose everything. 
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I don't think the things you mentioned will lead to successful better world. People don't get satisfied when it comes to money .They become more greedy , and find more ways to earn money .

They don't even look they are doing right or wrong .Choose bad ways to earn money because of all greedy .Over all this does more bad than good to the world with all greedy ones ,who always strive for power.
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You are connecting bad things (thirst for power, wealth and corruption) with a good thing (the world a better place) and asking whether we can make it! Is it possible? Have you ever heard that a bad thing has led to good? Thirst for power, desire for wealth and more wealth with corruption is only ruining the world and people's life. In such a scenario, it is never ever possible. 
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Actually if you put it the way you have it really looks bad. But again that is what is going on in many countries nowadays. All this bad things put together are what is happening in our countries. We may not like it but its happening. The truth is, there is definitely nothing good that can come out of this, unless we get rid of them then we can have a good and better life.
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