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Some uses Facebook and for them Facebook is an effective social media platform. You can check YouTube on how to market your business using Facebook.
It depends on the audience you are trying to reach and number of people you want to leverage on through social media usage. If you have more people on Facebook page, it's a better platform you can use to do your business. But if you think twitter is where you have more followers, you could as well make use of it for business purpose. WhatsApp is not left out of the whole social media benefits on one businesses. Anyone is cool to use.
YouTube is #1 based on all the articles and people who has worked online has stated and it's 100% right based on statistics done on users and #2 would be Instagram. So focus on these two and you are bound to see results of growth to your business. Good luck !

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There are several social media platforms that enables one do their online businesses. Most of them do not specify what kind of business that you can do. I have many friends who have done their businesses on social media sites and from their testimonies, I would recommend you to use this three social media sites in order to make your business grow. This sites allows everyone to do their business, both individuals and multinational corporations.

The first is Facebook. Facebook is the best social media site to make your business grow. This is because of two reasons. First, everyone is in Facebook, even my grandma. Secondly, it offers personal interaction with people where you can do a variety of online content, events and ads. Do not forget also that Facebook can be an enjoyable distraction even when people are busy with their everyday duties. 

The second is Twitter. According to my finding of this site, it is mostly visited by many business minded people and politicians of course. This can be a good platform to do your business since you get your target group. The most important tool here is a Buffer. It allows you to plan for your content in advance and to also pile your stock. 

The last one is Instagram. Hear you are allowed to share content which are visual like photographs and short videos. The useful tool here is the integrated sharing functions where you can share your content to Facebook and Twitter. 

The other social media sites are linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and google AdSense. You can try them out and find the one that best suits your content.
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Twitter comes to my mind. The value of twitter lies in its ability to post your message. The more people spread your post and 'retweet' your post, the more followers you get. Business people post updates they have in the main stream media. Hashtags make a big difference in building momentum for your posts, so you can keep an eye on what's happening and include relevant hashtags. 
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You haven't mentioned which type of business; so there is less we can tell you. 

Mostly all business needs to have name and for this they need to be promoted; in social media, for promoting business, you should use all sort of media to have. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest none can be ignored. The more you promote, the more it would be known. And then interested people will come to grow it if they are satisfied.
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Most social media platforms are very good for promoting business. Facebook, instagram and twitter are like the top three with facebook taking the lead. 

I suggest you go with facebook If you can't take advantage of the other platforms all together. Facebook works well for any kind of business you intend to start. As of the first quarter of 2018, facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users. It could be more or less now but think of the amount of possible audience you could be reaching out to. Probability is very high. 

With facebook, you can also have a business page aside your personal account. It makes it easy for you to organize, set up an e-commerce and basically run everything online. You can always use the trending hash tags to optimize your page and attract the right audience. 

If your business is so large, with facebook ,you can assign a number of Admin to assist you in running too. How better could It get. Facebook offers much more that other plaplatforms do not. 
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The choice of which social media platform to use depends completely on your social media objectives and where your customers are. Understanding the user's personas and business need can help identify the social media targeting. Use available digital tools to understand needs and collect data and insights to make a decision to select the social media platforms where you have more customers.  
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Pinterest is more of an inspirational social media platform where people look for ideas, interests and hobbies. Business can use this platform to link their websites to the pins that people save. This way people will show interest in your products and services therefore, increasing your brand awareness.
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Social media is good means for promoting business. Promotion will depend first it on the type of business you are running and types and numbers of followers you have on social media, Fcaebook and Twitter is a good example, you follow up with your chat and explain your business more. 
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With the growth and emergence of many social media platforms, I can a certain that Facebook and Instagram have grown so much in popularity for business. But it entire depends on your efforts and how you the platforms. 
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It depends on the audience and what social media platform is easily accessible in your area. Here in the Philippines, Facebook is highly used for marketing and thus a lot of business owners is using it to reach their target audience and using it to grow their business.
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