Many countries have been in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic and some people have found it very difficult. Has your mental health been affected? Have you become more anxious?
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At first, I was feeling so anxious. I even imagine that we are like living in a chaotic situation seen in films. Lately, I tried to pull myself together to be more productive as much as possible. We cannot go back to normal life since there are so many changes have been happening. 

Refraining from watching or reading about coronavirus makes me feel having my own world. I cannot back down a bit because life needs to go on. As they said, 'It's not the end of the world.' We need to face these challenges and hope for the best. It is always a part of life to be in this kind of situation. In Spain, they had experienced an outbreak before. It is given that many people died and eventually, it ended without any cure. Personally, it can happen with this coronavirus.
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Yes I was far more anxious at the beginning than I am now. I think we have to live alongside it and just take the necessary precautions. In my country they have just made it compulsory to wear masks in all public places like shops and any other crowded places and that makes me feel safer.
We have the same situation. In fact, there is a city ordinance that we need to wear it in public places and even within the vicinity of our residents. There is one time that my place was given a warning because some of the elders were not wearing their face masks.
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As we know because of this pademic COVID-19, all of the countries in the world must doing lockdown. For my self during this lockdown, I can stay close with my familt which is the most gold thing for me. So, this lockdown not affected my mental health. I'm enjoying it.
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The connection of the family gets stronger as the lockdown happened. I am very thankful even when there are hard protocols because it is done for safety matters
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No because rit affect only thode who think more about that and get mental ill because of so much lockdown period I work online and know about how to use Google and earn money.
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Very nice to know that there's someone who succeed in hard times. Pandemic taught us to stay connected although the places we go are closed for a while 
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For me, it did. 

I become so much moodier than I was, and I feel even more broken most of the time. 

Most of my "friends" forgot about me. I realized how I'm not important for them, and they care even less about how I feel.
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I think majority of people have been in one way or another been affected mentally. All of us experienced uncertainty, paranoia and fear since this pandemic is beyond our control.

Without a cure or vaccine, the virus is there to stay and it's spreading too fast. 
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It is not bad to think about our safety. But take note that this also measures our faith and don't let your hopes down
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No, because in lockdown I spend my whole day in doing more and more exercises in morning and evening, in reading interesting novels for an hour, in talking with my friends and relatives and in playing with my cute pet.
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It has not affected my mental health, but it has affected a lot of programmed I planned for the year. There were moments i felt bored and wanted to move from one point to the other, but the restriction felt like being caged but since I had people around I couldn't feel much bored.
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Our time under lockdown has been tough on us mentally, and we probably do not talk about it enough. Many of us focus on our physical wellbeing, but the coronavirus pandemic can also affect our mental health. Sometimes we do not even recognise what is happening because it is so foreign to us
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Ofcourse it had been affected. A lot of depression, dissapointment and shocks. Money, Job and health issue has been affected.  But, there is a quote that we should never give up in everything that happened. There is a reason for everything. We must stand up and face the problem and we should pray to God that we are alive.  
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Yes it affects it so well. It brings me more positive things even though the world gets worse. It made me realize the importance of life and it proves me that the sayings are true that "Prevention is better than the cure" and it made me more mature because I've managed things and problems more often now.
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Yes, the anxiety that this lockdown has brought is really impactful in my life. It affected me because I have less chance to interact with others and most of my plans and goals are postpone. 
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this lockdown situation has not affected me because it helped me to find new and different ways to earn money. it also helped me to be with my family members and to be happier than on normal days. the only thing I got affected during this lockdown is being afraid if I want to go out of my home and if do not make correct precautions.
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