I know that with meat or eggs, it's best to throw them away but for, yoghurt, maybe sweets, we don't have to?

My cappuccino bag had expired in june but, it was still good in july :D

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I have eaten loads of stuff out of date without any ill effects.  My mother used to do the same and neither of us have ever been poisoned.  However there is a difference between "Use by" and "Best before". Certain products like meat, seafoods or cooked rice can be a bit risky so I won't eat these if they are past their use by dates.

I once read about a couple who were saving tinned chicken for a special occasion. They used it for their 50th wedding anniversary so it was over 50 years old!! Neither of them had any ill effects much to the relief of their family so obviously the canning process kept it in good condition.
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that is a miracle, i must say:angel: yes, with fresh food, we should be careful. what is your stand on medicine pills?

To be honest I don't have to take any medication but I looked it up and learned that out of date pills won't make you sick like food can but they can lose their potency.
you are right. the medicine is no longer strong, which is not good.
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A lot of food items have chemicals in them and some of the mixture is perishable after specific period of time despite the acidic content that preserves it. So you may only end with nausea and the stomach issues if you consume after the expiry date. It is there for our own safety. 
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i had faced bas symptoms but, with meat. what about candies? have you eathen them after the expire date?
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I heard that canned goods or any products that will be expired for a particular month can still be consumed until the following month. I read an article about this. I had some bar of chocolates and consumed them after the expiration date for a month.
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yes, i also did that with chocolates. i think this applies to medicines as well?
I am not sure about medicines since they are made of chemicals in some way. I think I will not engulf them if being expired.
i had heard from a person who is a nurse that they can even last 6 months after expire date but, as you said it, i don't want to take chance as well.
Really? I did not know this. I am with you. I cannot take the risk of eating them and expired for 6 months.

thank you for thinking the same. as time goes, i don't want experimenting on my body anymore:angel:

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There are plenty of reasons why good, usable food is tossed: picky kids, overstocked pantries, or even leftovers that sit in refrigerators too long.

But according to the authors of a new study looking at household food waste, " 'best by,' 'use by,' and ambiguous date labeling significantly decrease the odds that food items are fully utilized." Senior author of the study, Brian Roe, Ph.D., a professor of agricultural, environmental, and development economics at Ohio State University, says that to decrease food waste while maintaining safety, developing a uniform system of labeling is critical. "Nonetheless," he adds, "the consumer education challenge remains large because you are requiring consumers to undertake radically different responses (assess whether the quality is suitable vs. discard/compost if the item poses safety risks) based upon a single small phrase." 

Ninety percent of Americans misinterpret the dates on labels, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and they throw out food that could still be consumed or frozen for later use. If expiration dates aren’t a reliable gauge of food spoilage
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i agree. i have a hard time findind dates on food as well cause, it is there but, on some strange places.
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You should always check the date of expiration of the food when buying a product. When it was expired, you automatically throw it to the trash can. 
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even medicine or cappucino? cause, it is said that medicines can last almmost 6 months after their date.
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When dates on food expire, it means that food is no longer safe to eat. Such food can cause health problem, and it is a crime to sell expired food in some countries. In many climes expired food are disposed off immediately the expiry date is on. 
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you are right. mayn, put discounts or some even don't and make us, buyers to buy it, which is a ccrime  but, they still do it. thank you.
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