How useful is VR Technology in Healthcare?
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Personally speaking, it will not be accurate in giving health care to patients. However, there are some virtual health care professionals who are doing it now. In fact, one of my friends is doing this as a nurse. It is a good option for those patients who cannot go out, especially now that we are in a pandemic situation.
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Virtual reality is getting popular with every passing day. A case study shared by Datamatics about the virtual reality app explains how the company successfully developed a virtual reality app to engage Alzheimer patients by assigning daily tasks. The application makes use of VR Technology to create a stimulating, interactive, virtual environment for aged people. It also helps doctors to analyze the patient's severity of Alzheimer's disease and keeps track of the progress of patients. The app is believed to improved patients' motivation, social interaction, and learning process. 
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VR pediatrics is all about helping children get through their treatments as quickly and painlessly as possible. This starts with simple procedures, such as taking blood samples. While this is a routine measure, some children could be scared and feel some pain while the blood samples are being taken. In order to alleviate the fear and pain, doctors develop virtual reality solution that immerses the children in a game or other VR experience which releases endorphins and an opioid response, which helps relieve the pain. Also, the virtual reality distracts the child so that the procedure is over before they even know it.
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Virtual Reality is empowering the healthcare sector and has established a strong position in the sector. VR solution has proved to be an innovative and effective tool, offering better services. Its benefits include:

  • Reduced healthcare risks
  • Enhanced therapy sessions
  • Pain management
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Better opportunities for patient education
  • Effective dealing with addiction

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Reduce risks associated with patients

Offer better pain management

Promotes physical rehabilitation and cognitive functioning
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It is true to say that technology has come with many advantages helping in many departments including health care. But it cannot replace the traditional form of treating patients but in the cases of infectious diseases such as covid it becomes necessary. 
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