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I am looking forward to seeing members that got paid in here.

I am excited to be here and continue to interact to people who keep posting and talking them through giving them comments. I hope that it will be a good spending time here and knowing people who work hard online and enjoying their time to keep posting and working on their own. Please tell me if anybody got it and keep up the good work friends
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Thank you so much for raising this question. I am so glad to have found this site and I am looking forward to be conversing with fellow members.

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I have reached payout on the site and requested my payout last weekend. I am happy to say it took the site less than 6 hours to verify my answers and send me my payment. This is an excellent site and if you follow the rules it is easy to earn money from the site. The payment will have the PP fees deducted from your money. The higher payout makes it better for all of us because the PP fees seem to be a lot less. Here is a proof of payment so people can see the site pays and hopefully this will answer all the questions about payment from this site. image

This is a great site, so enjoy. You'll earn money from here and you'll be paid. 

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Thank you so much for this answer. Nowadays, there have been a lot of spam websites but I am really glad to know that we will actually get paid for our efforts here.
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I am due for a second payment from the site. I just haven't had time to send in the request. I'm not worried about this because I know the site pays out and they are rather quick about sending out the money. 
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Awesome! I was kinda getting worried about this. Then again, this is fun too. 
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I know another person on here that was also paid. I need to request my payment. I just haven't had time to do this. Been a bit busy. I know the money is in my account and I can request it any time I choose to do so. 
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Am also glad to hear that one of us got paid.I think I'll still enjoy being here even if the site wasn't paying because am a scholar and whenever I post a question here, it won't take long before I get the response. This site is more like yahoo answers and quora only that in this site we get a token of appreciation for participating.

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