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There is unknown side effects of using black pepper not unless you consume too much, it can get you heart burn.

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Black or white pepper is actually good for you and can be used several different ways and not only for cooking.

  1. Some people apply black pepper directly to the skin when they have nerve pain.
  2. Some people actually take black pepper fro stomach upset, cancer and bronchitis. 
  3. Black and white pepper is used for controlling germs and can be used in the stomach to increase the flow of digestive juices. 
  4. In some studies, it has been said that black and white pepper can help protect you against colon cancer and it also might help to promote liver cancer. There is really not much evidence of either one and they are still studying this. 
Side Effects:
  1. It has been reported that if you taken large amounts of black pepper by mouth it can actually get in your lungs and cause death. 
  2. If you are breastfeeding or pregnant you should avoid a large amount of black pepper. In a few cases, this has triggered a miscarriage. Furthermore, not enough is known about black pepper and they advise you not to put it on your skin if you are pregnant.
Hope this helps. There aren't that many side effect of using black pepper except if you get too much on your food, it can cause your mouth to burn. 
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Black pepper is a kind of peeper I love to use in my meals a lot and I like it because it has health benefits like helping one lose weight and preventing cancer but it also has bad effects on the body.

Personally I noticed that black pepper gives me stomach upset because of the heat from it  and it give me diarrhea because I visit the toilet a lot after consuming some food.

It can cause irritation on the skin if it mistakely drop on the skin.

It can badly affect the eyes if one mistakely used the hand used in handling it on the eyes.

So if one is taking black pepper, it should be done in moderation to enjoy it better.
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