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I usually have to have both because I use whole pepper corn for my adobo, and powder for other food recipes.

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To get utmost benefits from pepper, eat it fresh. It is better to get whole peppercorns and crush it at home and use it instead of black pepper powder. This ensures that pepper retains its flavor and lasts long.

It is also essential that you keep it in a tight container in cool, dry and dark place. Black peppercorns have a fresh and strong flavor and are ideal for home use.
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• whole pepper corns and black pepper have their own benefits .When we use every thing in moderation that is good for us.

• Black pepper have some medicinal value which used for treating cough ,it is used in milk.It is more effective when we use the freshly is also good for Weight loss.

• whole pepper are also should be home made they add different taste to recipe.Both are effective in their own way.
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Ideally, the grinded powdering form of black pepper is far suitable for use at home than the ungrinded peppercorn form of it. The powdering form can readily be used for meals, as one can easily sprinkle it on an already cooked meal. But for peppercorn to be used, you would have to start to grind it before you can use it, which would take more effort and time for it to be ready.
Owing to be the fact that the powder form of it contain the essential nutritional properties makes it the ideal for home use. Most times, both the powdered and the peppercorns are in dried forms. And this gives the powder form the edge over the peppercorn, as they are rich in the nutritional properties needed for health boost.

One of the key benefit of this black pepper is its ability to cause weight loss as well as accelerated digestion.
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I have always been using black pepper powder for years now and I think it most suitable for home use because black pepper comes with great benefits because it's medicinal. Black pepper helps the body's digestive system to solve digestive issues.

Black pepper helps to boost the immune system, it acts as an oxidants to cleanse the system and has antibacterial properties that can help fight bacteria and other infections.
It really good for killing some illnesses like fever,it has fever-reducing properties that can help us fight off fever. Even those with inflammatory arthritis and muscle pains can benefit from consuming black pepper powder because it will help ease their pains because it contain piperine which is used in aromatherapy.

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