It is inevitable that we make new friends in life. The feeling is unexplainable when being welcomed by a new friend. How does it feel? For me, I feel honored to be his or her friend. I usually welcome them with love.

How do you show that you welcome them back?


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Making new friends can be intimidating, but it’s definitely rewarding. After all, friends form a big part of our life for most of us. They are the ones who walk through life together, share our ups and downs, and pains and joys. Without friends, life wouldn’t be the same at all. We wouldn’t be who we are if not for them.
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Back in the old days, it is easy to find trusted friends in our lives. Now, we need to be more vigilant because they can be our number one enemy in life. Having good friends is a blessing and it is how we mold our lives to be a better person.
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At the first stage, I may be uncomfortable being with new one, but it would be nice to make friendly relationships with others.
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My persona is similar to you. I don't usually open up when having a new friend. Having been is a good start to build a friendship. Sometimes we need more time to know him or her. I personally practiced being cautious in giving personal matters. 
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When I was welcomed by my new friend on his birthday party I was really feel honourable. I gave him a gift which is very valuable for him and we also sang a song and dance together I never forget such a wonderful birthday party of my friend.
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That's a sweet moment. I have so many friends but it is too difficult to trust them. I need some time to know them better before I spill my personal secrets. There are so many times that I was being betrayed and I need to secure myself to be a victim again.
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I think I would be a suspicious cause, I could tell people's intentions and people don't have that right motives like before. They need a favour but won't help you and other. 
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Nowadays, we really need to be vigilant in making or keeping friends in our lives. I still remember my classmates in high school. They are people whom I can truly trust.
that is great. may exoeriences are quite the opposit. the minute the school ended, everyone became a starnger to me and i felt betrayed. i wasn't even asked on graduation anniversaries. i could understand they didn't have my number but, they could ring my parents. i guess they didn't want me to be there, for whatever reason. i miss my primary school mates but, they moved away abroad or to aother cities, married and other.
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It makes me feel loved and honored being treated in such a manner for the first time, since it is the first impression it is sure to linger in my memory for a long time, and what usually comes to mind is that such character is worthy of emulation. 
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