Yes, i got 6 facemask. All of them our cloth mask because it is easy to breath. I bought color red, blue, black, gray, pink and neon.  Simple design only. I used it and combine with the t-shirt that i will use. 
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I have seven washable face masks in the house. One face mask that I like the most because it is printed one with a picture of Mr. Bean. Whenever I go out to the market, I am trying to find a new design. It is not my desire to collect them, but to try to appreciate the innovative ideas of others.
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I have a selection too. I have plain white, black, patterned and the blue surgical type used in hospitals. To be honest I find the surgical masks cooler although they all make my glasses steam up. Today 24thy July 2020 is the day is has become compulsory to wear masks in shops. We can be refused entry if we don't wear them. Why they have left it until this late stage I really don't know as many other countries have been wearing them throughout the pandemic.
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boy scout has devised a 3D printable face mask accessory to help medical staff who are wearing them hours on end. Called "Ear Guards," his invention is open-source and can be printed license free for anyone with a 3D printer.
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I have 27 facemask. Most of them are designed just like Ayo and Teo. But it doesn't matter what kind of facemask you wear, just don't forget to keepsafe.
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